Precious Metal recovery, recycling, & refining

Sabin refines precious metals from the products and byproducts of the pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electronics, fuel cell and numerous other industries. With best-in-class techniques and over seven decades of experience, we deliver the highest possible returns for our customers.


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Sabin offers services for every step of the refining process, all under one roof. From metal management to shipping to processing, our comprehensive services allow us to operate more efficiently and seamlessly, so you can get back to business.


samples and

Precise sampling and analysis are the only way to know how much precious metal is in your material. Sabin combines rigorous sampling techniques with proven analysis methods to determine the exact value of your return.


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Sabin’s experienced and hands-on staff are committed to your success—helping to coordinate and guide you through every step of the process and build a partnership you can rely on for years to come.


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Chemspec Europe Digital Presentation (Precious Metals: Risks and Rewards)
April 26th at 2 pm BST

Chemspec Europe Digital Presentation (Precious Metals: Risks and Rewards)

Market Commentary Themes (September to November 2021)
December 7th, 2021

Market Commentary Themes (September to November 2021)

NARTC Roundtable Discussion
January 25-26, 2022

NARTC Roundtable Discussion

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