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Building a healthier world

Andrew Sabin, Chairman of Sabin Metal Corporation, established the family foundation in 2008 to make his philanthropy more impactful. Today, he mentors and inspires his family to carry on this important work. Each year, the foundation gives nearly 200 grants that focus on protecting our environment, strengthening our communities and advancing cancer research. Our local and global initiatives share one common goal: build a healthier world for all of us.

The purpose of life is to find something ennobling to live for and then, enjoying the journey, live honorably, joyfully, courageously, compassionately and usefully. In the end, making a difference that one lived at all."

Portrait of Andrew Sabin.
Andrew Sabin

We focus our efforts on three areas


Protecting our environment

The foundation is passionate about making a positive impact on our environment.

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We believe education is the key to motivating and enabling future generations of environmental advocates. The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation provides:

  • Funding for the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University since 2014
  • Support for the Emmett Institute on Climate Change at UCLA School of Law
  • An annual $25,000 Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize at the Yale Center for Business and Environment, awarded to the most promising sustainability-related startup
  • A significant number of grants to graduate students from underdeveloped nations at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Science. The grants offer additional financial support to students who continue their environmental work in their home countries after graduation.

Advancing cancer research

The foundation is a staunch and active advocate for increased cancer research funding.

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Since 2005, Andrew has served on the MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors. In 2015, he and the family foundation committed $30 million to establish the Andrew Sabin Fellowship Program at the cancer center. Designed to encourage creative, independent thinking and high-risk, high-impact research, the program supports the work of world-class cancer researchers in four categories:

  • Basic science
  • Clinical
  • Physician-scientist
  • Population and quantitative science

I wanted to provide a vehicle so that highly qualified researchers at the world’s 
premier cancer center can focus on important work that can truly help people who suffer from cancer. This fellowship program will be at MD Anderson in perpetuity. 
I hope one of the fellows comes up with a cure. It would make me very proud to know that this gift made a difference.”

Portrait of Andrew Sabin.
Andrew Sabin

Building stronger communities

The foundation is committed to bringing people together by increasing access to natural and community-focused spaces.

A young girl observes a turtle.

In 1988, Andrew founded the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center. Created out of concern for the area’s fragile ecosystem, the museum increases public awareness about the past, present and future of Eastern Long Island’s natural history.

Andrew also spearheaded the building of the local community recreation center, the East Hampton YMCA, and is a major contributor.

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