Environ-mental Respon-sibility

Our commitment to the planet extends beyond the recycling of precious metals. Through our work, we help customers across the oil, chemical, mining, and pharmaceutical industries stay compliant and deal with byproducts in environmentally-conscious ways.

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Handling your material responsibly, from start to finish

After your precious metals have been refined, we send your remaining material to our zero-
discharge facility. There we turn hazardous and non-hazardous waste into harmless products that can be safely disposed of in accordance with local and federal environmental regulations.

Building a healthier 

The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation focuses on protecting our environment, strengthening our communities and advancing cancer research. Our local and global initiatives share one common goal: build a healthier world for all of us.

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Operating ethically and responsibly

We adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations, ensuring your material is always handled with the planet in mind.

Know what matters

Learn more about precious metal refining and how to get the highest possible return.

Free in-plant evaluation

Our experts will identify ways to maximize precious metal recovery in your operations.

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