Precious Metal Refining

Sabin refines precious metals from the products and byproducts of the pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electronics, fuel cell and numerous other industries. With our proven techniques and highly experienced people, we recover platinum group metals, gold and silver, and offer the only full pyro-metallurgical recovery of rhenium. After refining, we reprocess furnace slags to capture the last parts per million—leaving no precious metal behind.

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Hydro- vs. pyro-

Our global competitors use hydro-metallurgy to dissolve precious metal alumina catalysts in acids or strong caustics. Which means they are only able to recover the soluble metal. At Sabin, we melt them. Using pyro-metallurgical processes, we isolate and purify the total precious metal content, and recover every last ounce.

Get a full rhenium return

Our proprietary Pyro-Re® process offers the only pyro-metallugical recovery of rhenium in the industry. With it, we recover total rhenium content from spent semi-regenerative and cyclic fixed-bed hydrocarbon processing catalysts—and get you a full return.

Gas condensers on a Sabin plant floor.

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