Best-in-class methods for accurate values

Accurate sampling is the most important step in the refining process. That’s why Sabin dedicates so much time and attention to getting it right. We tailor our methods specifically to your material and the precious metals it holds. We use rigorous pretreating and dry, melt or solution sampling techniques to generate a series of analytical samples. And we test across them to ensure we have a complete and homogeneous representation of all of your material. So you can be confident that every ounce of your precious metal is accounted for.

Candid portrait of a Sabin employee in protective heat gear working with molten metal.

Sampling is 
an art and science

Generating consistent, reproducible and accurate samples requires expertise and knowledge of:

  • A wide variety of evaluation steps, operational choices and potential equipment
  • Different types of materials—how they behave in different situations and what to do if they don’t behave normally
  • Contaminants or tramp elements and how to eliminate, remove or minimize them

Every particle counts

To minimize material loss, our integrated collection systems capture dust particles and return them back to your material balance. It helps to ensure that each sample is a complete and accurate representation of all of your material.

Two Workers Capturing Dust Particles - Sabin Metals - Precious Metal Refining

Know what matters

Learn more about precious metal refining and how to get the highest possible return.

Free in-plant evaluation

Our experts will identify ways to maximize precious metal recovery in your operations.

Bars of raw metal.Five test tubes holding a variety of metal samples. - Sabin Metals - Precious Metal Refining
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