Every step of the process, under one roof

Getting your precious metal catalysts, scraps and byproducts refined can be a complex undertaking. From transporting your materials to processing and sampling to refining your precious metals, there are a lot of moving pieces. Our comprehensive services allow us to operate more efficiently and seamlessly—so you can get back to business.

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Metal Financing

Borrow or lease precious metals to keep your operations up and running.

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Shipping & Logistics

Coordinate the transport of precious metal materials from your door to ours.

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International Services

Navigate regulations, import and export formalities, and various agency requirements.

A piece of high tech lab equipment.

Generate homogenous samples that accurately and completely represent your material.

Many beakers filled with different colored fluids.
Lab Analysis

Use fire assay and other time-tested techniques to determine how much precious metal is in your material.

A variety of precious metal samples.

Exchange analysis results and settle on the precious metal value of your material.

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Metal Management

Electronically transfer, physically ship or hold precious metal balance in a designated pool account.

Molten metal pouring out of a furnace.
Precious Metal Refining

Use pyro-metallurgical processes to separate and isolate precious metals from your material.

Scrap metal compressed and bundled for recycling.
Recycling & Disposal  

Transport byproduct to our zero-discharge facilities for the final stage of recovery and safe disposal.

Know what matters

Learn more about precious metal refining and how to get the highest possible return.

Free in-plant evaluation

Our experts will identify ways to maximize precious metal recovery in your operations.

Bars of raw metal.Five test tubes holding a variety of metal samples.